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Comparing Tax Rates Across Counties - Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

An introduction to our Tax Assessment Series

TAXES: the word alone makes us shiver, and somehow manages to confuse us entirely. And so the inspiration for this series of articles was born. But since we are a Real Estate company, we're going to put a spin on it and write about taxes as they apply to real property.

This first article is an overview of property tax rates in DC compared with popular counties in Northern VA and Maryland, which will be followed with articles expanding on tax related issues pertaining to each county individually. So get an overview of tax rates now… and stay tuned for all the gruesome details in weeks to come.

Below is a list of current tax rates for each respective county. These numbers represent the rate per $100 of assessed value on the property.
So, to calculate the taxes owed, you would divide the assessed value by $100 and then multiply by the tax rate.
The third column shows what annual taxes would be on a property that was assessed at $300,000.

County Tax Rate Annual Taxes on a Property Assessed at $300,000
District of Columbia $2,640 0.88
Arlington 0.84 $2,520
Fairfax City 0.79 $2,370
Falls Church 1.03 $3,090
Loudon 1.14 $3,420
Manassas City 1.12 $3,360
Manassas Park City 1.14 $3,420
Prince William 0.97 $2,910
Montgomery 0.77 $2,310
Howard 1.13 $3,390
Baltimore 1.21 $3,630

It's important to realize that counties meet annually to reassess the current tax rate, and often times the tax rate changes from year to year. Also, many counties have additional taxes in certain districts within the county.

In future articles, we will go into more detail regarding these special assessments, as well as tax trends in recent years, and how property taxes correspond with falling market values.

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Comparing Tax Rates Across Counties - Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC


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