DROdio Home Buyer's Rebate Program

Take control of your home search

And put money in your pocket for doing it!

If you want to do your initial home searching online, why not pair up with a local, expert Realtor who will give you the tools you need to start your search? Once you've narrowed it down, the Realtor steps in to help.

Our Realtors provide expert guidance and a "full service" experience. The Realtor also shares his commission with you - money that you would be leaving on the table without us. Are you ready to take control of your home search?

How RebateReps Works

Step 1: We Connect You To A Local RebateReps Realtor
Submit an inquiry above, or call us at 1.800.705.2782, and we'll connect you to a local Realtor in our RebateReps network. With 525+ Realtors in our network, we surely have someone close to you.
Step 2: Your RebateReps Agent Empowers You In Your Home Search
Your RebateReps agent will give you the tools you need to take control of your home search, including web-based property searches and property email alerts so you can drive by the homes that interest you! You'll be able to take your time and search on your pace. Your RebateReps agent will be just a phone call or email away when you have questions.
Step 3: Your Agent Steps In To Help, When You're Ready
Once you've narrowed your search down to certain regions, neighborhoods, or even specific homes, you can ask your RebateReps agent to step in to further narrow your search, help you choose between properties, open homes up for you, and negotiate the purchase contract. The RebateReps agent will be a full service agent from this point on, ensuring you avoid the pitfalls that can cost you thousands of dollars, while negotiating the best possible price.
Step 4: At closing, you get a cash rebate
Since you did the majority of the time-consuming home searching early on, your RebateReps agent will be happy to share his commission with you at closing. After all, you earned it! The agent will give you a percentage of their commission, based on the price of the home, meaning on a $200,000 home you could get up to a $2,000 rebate, and on an $800,000 home, you could get up to a $8,000 rebate, etc. Not a bad reward for doing the initial legwork!
Step 5: Relax and enjoy your new home!
Give yourself a pat on the back for finding a way to buy a home while putting money in your pocket! Then, please tell all your friends & colleagues about the Rebate Reps program on DROdio.com.

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